by Handflute.com

This tutorial will teach you how to play the handflute. You play the handflute by putting your hands together and blow air between your thumbs. As you improve you will be able to play several notes and use vibrato. The most professional players in the world are able to play 2,5-3 octaves.


You can play it with two different techniques, the cupped hand technique(top row) and theinterlocked technique(bottom row). You can see how to do it on the pictures below.

One of the most common mistakes is to put the lips under the knuckles on the thumbs. Even if you hold the hands in the right way, you will fail to get a sound if you have your lips in the wrong place. The lips are supposed to be ON your knuckles.

It could take a while before you get your first sound and the quality of the sound is often quite bad. Your may hear that just a small amount of the air transforms to a sound and a lot of air gets lost. You will be able to control it better as you improve. Since all hands are shaped in a unique way it's impossible to say exactly how to hold your hands. The best way is to practice until you feel comfortable with your hand position.


If you learn how to control your breath, you may use vibrato in the same way as singers do. You can also make vibrato by shaking your jaws. You can only learn this by practicing.

To change the pitch you move the hands in different ways depending on which technique you choose. The smaller area you have in your hands, the higher pitch you will get. You achieve it by pressing your hands closer together. You can also do it in other ways depending on technique. If you use the cupped hand method you will also be able to change the pitch by opening one of your hands. With the interlocked method you can do it by lifting your fingers.

Good Luck!