31 december 2011

Handflute.com will end this year with a few new videos uploaded by several different hand flute players. Happy new year!

Two videos by Handwhistlerben

A new version of "When you wish upon a star" by Handmusic7

A new video by Sentokyun

Amazing Grace uploaded by TheHawkywu

21 december 2011

Now it's Christmas and here is an audio version of "Frosty the Snowman" recorded by "The three tendons" in december 2000.

18 december 2011

The videos below are Czardas and Autumn Leaves uploaded by Teliakaipavla. Enjoy!

11 december 2011


Today it's exactly one year since Handflute.com started. The site will hopefully grow and become bigger and more popular this year. So far we've got a new visitor record almost every month!

11 december 2011

Sentokyun has uploaded a new video. Enjoy!

11 december 2011

Listen to dougemilys version of Crazy Train!